Lecturers of the International Relations Department Mahathir Global Peace Studies (MGPS) 5 UMY

Lecturers of the International Relations Department Mahathir Global Peace Studies (MGPS) 5 UMY


Global peace cannot be fulfilled by single actor – governement; collaboration and cooperation both from state actors and non-state actors is needed; including profesionals and scholars. For discussing potential global peace through interfaith dialogue and education, Universitas Muhammdiyah Yogyakarta and Perdana Global Peace Foundation was conducted the fifth Mahathir Global Peace School (MGPS) in theme “Peace and Inter-religious Dialogue in Worldwide Education” on November 26 – December 5, 2016.

The curricula of MGPS is designed to embrace matters on conflict resolution, e.g. war, poverty, racism, non violent intiatives for social change and peace buiding, social transformation and peace. The main objective of this program are to explore strategies in order to construct a peaceful world thorugh the education and multi-cultural multi-religion understanding.

The program was performed with lecture and discussion activities. It was divided into 11 session which was consist of 8 sessions for lecturing and rest was class discussion and presentation. At the first day, the participants visited Pondok Pesantren Tebu Ireng and learned how it can manage tolarance and peace within diversity. For the rest sessions, participants learned from several scholars and practitioners related with peace and inter-religous diaoluge namely Dr. Sidi Omar from Universitat Jaume I, Spain; Prof. Dr. Alberto Gomes from Dialogue, Empathic Enggagment and Peace Building (DEEP); Dr. Chandra Muzaffar (President of the International Movement for a Just World/JUST); Dr. Imtiyaz Yusuf (Director of the Center for Buddhist – Muslim Understanding in the College of Religious Studies at Mahidol University Thailand), and others. Closing ceremony was conducted by public lectured that delivered by Tun Dr. Mahatir Mohammad and Prof. Dr. Din Syamsudin. Both noted that religion has big contribution toward peace and global justice and education is one of important means for achieving peace world.

This program was attended by 37 participant came from different backgrounds as well as government institution, academician and practitioner (Think thank groups, IGOs and INGOs, and journalists) around the world. The participants learned together about diversity within culture and religion that can embraced peace and global justice; came from different languages, cultures and religions did not became obstacle for spreading empathy and tolerance for building peace.


Name, Theme, Place and Time

  Name of Event : Mahathir Global Pece School (MGPS) 5
  Theme : Peace and Inter-religious Dialogue in Worldwide Education
  Place : 1.      Pondok Pesantren Tebu Ierng, Jombang, Jawa Timur

2.      Museum Angkut, Malang, Jawa Timur

3.      Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta, Indonesia

  Time : November 26 – December 5, 2016



The main objectives of this event are:

  1. To provide a comprehensive knowledge and focus discussion surrounding global peace and conflict resolution, including those concerning its definitional scope and its theoritical and practical relevance in globalized world;
  2. To explore the theoritical and practical dimensions of global peace and conflict resolution in an international contet where the role of the nation-state is being subjected to significant pressures across all regiosns;
  3. To inverstigate the political, ethical, legal, and economic implicatios of global peace and its relationship to cosmopolitanism as alternative to more traditional notions of nationalism;
  4. To examine the role of international institutions, principally the United Nations, in promoitng global peace; and
  5. To examine a range of specific issue areas – including human rights, the environment, miration, security, humanitarian intervention, and gender – through the prism of global peace and associated critiques of global peace.

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