Kyai Syamsul Hadi Abdan Teaches Us Jiddiyyah Ethos

Kyai Syamsul Hadi Abdan Teaches Us Jiddiyyah Ethos

Kyai Syamsul Hadi Abdan Teaches Us Jiddiyyah Ethos

By: Muhammad Faqih Nidzom, alumni of Gontor Class of 2008, Lecturer of University of Darussalam Gontor

The word jiddiyah, which means ‘determined or serious’, becomes one of many keywords of tausiyah by Our Father Al-Ustadz Syamsul Hadi Abdan -Allahu yarham- we will always remember .

Every beginning of new academic year, he told all KMI (Kulliyat al-Mu’allimīn al-Islāmiyyah), teachers “Hammer an iron while it is still hot”. It means that as early as possible while santri are on fire, teachers must do everything in their power to teach and educate them, both in academic activities and extracurricular activities. It is because that is the best period to shape santri’s personality, which starts from theirs piritual, mental, and scholarly aspects.

He also taught this jiddiyah ethos to us in doing a simple thing, such as correcting students’ answer sheets. Normatively, he stated that the principle of giving rights to people in need is an obligation. Therefore, a small error in correction, students’ grades entry, etc. is dzulm and therefore, it should be avoided.

Historically, he presented uswah from the seriousness of Kiai Imam Zarkasyi when correcting, and of course, from decades of his personal experience. Practically, he described one by one how a teacher should assess. Alhamdulillah, his guidelines have already been adapted and written, so that the benefits can be enjoyed by all Gontor teachers.

Based on the description above, it seems that Kyai Syamsul has a distinctive method in teaching kepondokmodernan. The values summarized by the founding fathers of Gontor in the form of Panca Jiwa (Sincerity, Simplicity, Islamic Brotherhood, Self-Reliance, and Freedom) and Mottoes (Noble Character, Sound Body, Broad Knowledge, and Independent Mind) that he explained in principle have set an example of the previous anshar pondok, for then formulating the right steps to be done.

In my opinion, this method makes the values of pondok do not need verbal definition because it is not only a slogan because it is real. After all, all the inhabitants live with them in every aspect of life.Borrowing from Al-Ustadz Dr. Hamid Fahmy Zarkasyi, this is what he calls as ‘Living Wisdom’ or the meaning and the actual wisdom of life.

Thus, all of these can become the source of a fountain of example for the further generation. And it already existed inside Kiai Syamsul soul. All of us are witnesses of it.

We also remember how fluent he was in telling detailed history of Gontor, complete with its honorable figures. One of which can be watched below where his tausiyah described the sacrifice of the Trimurti in this link:

This is a drop of inspiration that we can take from the fountain of wisdom by Kyai Syamsul. Our next duty as his santri is to tell a story to the future generations that Kyai Syamsul was a real example in actualizing Panca Jiwa and mottoes of Pondok. Striving and educating using the soul of Gontor, with Islamic values. Eventually, he was part of ‘Living Wisdom’ Gontor.

Ustadzy, We thank you for all the valuable knowledge and experiences that you had given to us.

Rest in peace, The Dew of Sincerety


May 18, 2020,4.02 p.m

Translator: Nuruzzaman, English Editor: Nurrahma

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