Irrigation Video

Irrigation Video

At this page, you will see videos of three types of irrigation: Drip irrigation, overhead irrigation, and surface irrigation. In addition, you will also find one example of ancient irrigation.

Drip Irrigation

Overhead Irrigation

Surface Irrigation

Ancient irrigation

Which type of irrigation do you think is the most effective? Write your opinion in the comment section.

Further reading

To learn more about irrigation, you can visit websites below:

Note for students of University of Darussalam Gontor, this page also serves as a resource to IELTS Reading.


  • i like drip irrigation

    Taufiq Affandi Reply
  • i think about this irrigation is so perfectly to plant growth

  • in the first vedeo is very modern to irregation because there is the vihacle to irregation prosses, but how to indonesia applyed this system ?

    muhammad ridha irsyadillah Reply
  • this is good idea, and this can make easy and simple our job. we not tried and difficult again because we have drip irrigation in our future

    muhammad nurrosid Reply
  • this a good make the plants grow up

    muhamad syarif saputra Reply
  • this is very good for agroteknology,because
    they can make modern tools,and
    this really helps Indonesian agriculture

    habib ashary Reply
  • drip irrigation is the best inovation

    reynal fadlillah Reply
    • agreed

      Taufiq Affandi Reply
  • very good growth the corn

    lukman hakim Reply
  • i should take thefirst video cause this make a long term investasion on his land so its make some duty their have easy to be completed

    nurwajah Reply
  • I Like Drip Irrigation

    Zarel Saessatya Reply
  • video is good and creativity is good

    maulid abdillah alhas Reply
  • I like drip irrigation

    baso pawakkangi Reply
  • ancient irrigation is the best

    HIFNI Reply
  • i like drip irrigation

    zikri Reply
  • it’so amazing, therefore we can improved irrigation and reduced labor and operational expenses and easy field access at all the time

    Muhammad Ridhaulipasya Parojai Reply
  • vedeo is good and your creativity is good

    maulid abdillah alhas Reply
  • the sprenkler heads is good for the plant because is make reduced to job so

    faadhil fahlevi Reply
  • it’so amazing, therefore I was motivated to be able to grow crops very easily and simply

    Muhammad Ridhaulipasya Parojai Reply
  • For me, drip irrigation its a new modern and a unique type of irrigation. But when i see the video about irrigation in India tradition, well for me its rare type of irrigation, specially in our country Indonesia.

    Albar Gunawan Reply
  • it’s good idea for gardener, and can make easy for gardening

    ikhsanul amal Reply
  • I like drip irrigation

    andra dwi rahmat Reply
  • video is good and you creatifity is good

    maulid abdillah alhas Reply
  • this video makes motivated to grow crops, to plant crops that are good and right,and how to manage resources.


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