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This page contains several useful resources to help you in your IELTS preparation.



UNIDA Gontor, Intensive Preparation for IELTS, Listening Audios:

Unit 1 Exercise 1


Unit 1 Exercise 2

Some videos we recommend to improve your listening skill:



Some videos to help you understand IELTS Reading. It is advised to watch the videos more than once to help you better understand the video.


To test your ability in answering computer based IELTS Reading, do practice test at British Council Website: IELTS Reading Practice Tets





Below are some useful links to important IELTS writing lessons:



IELTS Advantage



Recommended Videos

Some videos we recommend to improve your speaking:


This video is a good video to improve your pronunciation and help you sound like native speaker during your speaking test:






This is an example of Band 9 in speaking


And this one is Band 8.5 sample.


To give you a better comparison, this is a band 5 speaking example. Pay attention to fluency and coherence, lexical resource, grammatical range, and pronunciation.



There are three part in speaking section. Below are the explanations of each section:

IELTS Speaking Part one:

In this video, we will learn about types of questions in part one and how to answer them. The video also explains how to speak better.

IELTS Speaking Part two:

In this video, we will learn in more detail about speaking part two. The examiner will give you a cue card on a topic. The test taker can then prepare for one minute and then speak for one to two minutes. To find more explanation, watch the following videos:



IELT Speaking Part Three:

In speaking part three, the examiner will ask the test taker an open-ended questions about a topic. The topic is often related to speaking part two topic. To know more about this part, watch Oli from Oxford Online English explaining this part in this video:



Recommended Website on IELTS

We would like to recommend some website for your further learning.