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" How to get IELTS score exam 8,5"

UNIDA Gontor– Language Zone committee held a talk show with Al-Ustadz Taufiq Affandi, M.Sc as the speaker on Monday evening, 15 October 2018. In this occasion, he shared everything about IELTS (International English Language Testing System) especially how to get a satisfactory band.

Many people felt that it was hard to get a high IELTS score but the statement was refuted by Al-Ustadz Taufiq Affandi, M.Sc. He is UNIDA Lecturer who has managed to get an IELTS score with a satisfactory result.  He succeeded in getting a total band of 7.5. And the amazing thing is that he got 8.5 in Reading and Listening sections.

In that occasion he emphasised, “We need to try as hard as possible, place our trust in God, ask parents for prayers, be disciplined, and have a strong determination in achieving or getting high band on IELTS.” Those elements have led him to achieve his target of getting a high IELTS band.

He added, “The main points to reach your success are struggles and efforts, and followed by tawakkal.”

The seminar was held at Nabawiyah Shiroh Hall in which it is the centre of activities of the language program. Enthusiasm from the participants was very high. A lot of participants asked questions related to IELTS during the event. [Yan / Ed. Iqbal / Trans. Eka / Ed. Nurrahma]



Taufiq Affandi

Taufiq Affandi

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