International Relation is a science that deals with the study of across nations activities played by different agents such as state, international organization, non-government organization, multinational and transnational companies, international crime organisations, individuals and the likes. However, rapid development of social sciences the scope of study of International Relation is not confined to political studies. It is now broaden into the study of political economic, security, conflicts and peace, and even deals also with simple discourses on environment, pop culture.



Since major problem faced by most of nation, especially Muslim ummah, at this era is conflicts due to different background, the department initiate to concentrate on producing negotiator of conflict. This is well-suited with the characteristic of the University of Darussalam that develops the student mentality on on leadership, as well as student competencies on Arabic and English. The mastery of Arabic and English will enable the student to widen their horizon on the situation of Muslim ummah, through media and other literatures.


Core Courses

  • Worldview of Islam
  • Islam in International Relations
  • International Political Economy
  • Decision Making in International Relations
  • Theory and Practice of Diplomacy
  • Humanitarian Diplomacy
  • Memorizing Al-Quran


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