The faculty of economics and management in this university implements integration policies. First it integrates teaching in the classroom with research and community service or social engagement. Second, it also integrates sciences of economics and management with Islamic studies. This integration is carried out within the university boarding system where academic and non-academic activities are run in all occasion. In other words, the subject of economics and management are integrated with the subject of Islamic studies through the process of Islamization that based on the the worldview of Islam. It is with such a model of integration that graduates of the Faculty could be able to resolve the economics problems of ummah or at least could give meaningful contribution for the betterment of the economics of the ummah. So, in consonant with the tagline of the university, namely the Fountain of Wisdom where knowledge and morality are integrated, the Faculty Economics and Management is the faculty that generate Wisdom Economic. At present this faculty has two departments: Islamic Economics and Business Management.



Dean : Dr. Khoirul Umam, M.Ec.

Vice of Dean : Dr. Muhammad Ridlo Zarkasyi, M.M.

Head of Department of Islamic Economics : Royyan Ramdhani Djayusman, MA

Head of Department of Business Management : Fajar Surya Ari Anggara, S.TP., M.M.