Being a university that has a vision on Islamization contemporary knowledge, University of Darussalam Gontor founded a Centre that responsible for designing, planning dan executing program of integration and Islamization of sciences for student from first until final semester. For that purpose the Centre occasionally hold intensive discussion with lecturers who are expert on various disciplines of sciences and those who are competent on various field of Islamic studies such as theology, philosophy, science of interpretation (tafsir), prophetic tradition (hadith) and Islamic jurisprudence. These series of discussions are steps of designing curriculum as well as evaluation of its application. At the first step the discussion is focussed on the exposition of basic Islamic concepts relevant to and required by various discipline of sciences. The next step the discussion is improved to the concept of knowledge and epistemology and followed by the history of science in Islam that related to students’ respective departments. Finally the discussion is directed towards students problems in facing the process of integration of Islamic and contemporary Western sciences.