“Al-Hambra” Art Appreciation Night

“Al-Hambra” Art Appreciation Night

UNIDA Gontor – The Orientation Week ‘Khutbatul Arsy’ was closed with “Al-Hambra” Art Appreciation Night, all the students and the lecturers of UNIDA were involved in this event. The event was held in Main Building which was attended by the students of UNIDA from Kediri, Robitoh and Mantingan Campus. It was started at 08.35-10.00 pm. (24/8/2017)

In the opening, the MC Tabarokal Robby Rintoko explained about the meaning of “Al-hambra”. He said, “Al-hambra” comes from Arabic: الحمراء = Al-Hamra’; which means “red”. Al-Hamra is a palace as well as a magnificent fortress from Bani Ummayah in Granada, Spain (It was known as Al-Andalus when it was built). It covers the hills area in the city border of Granada. The palace was built as a residence of the caliph. The name of “Al-Hambra” keeps a record of the greatness history of science, literature, art and architecture of Muslims. Cordova, the area where Al-Hambra existed, was called as a peak of the brilliance of islamic science, while the West was still on darkness century.

Al-Hamra Night was opened by UNIDA rector Prof. Dr. Amal Fathullah Zarkasyi, M.A. He appreciated and was so pleased of this event. He said that all the leaders in UNIDA gontor were very grateful that the enthusiasm of lecturers and the students were very big in succeding this event.

Furthermore, Meichio Lesmana the chairman of Al-Hamra said in his speech, “This event is an annual event of Darussalam Gontor Islamic Modern Institution to maximise to role of the students in UNIDA Gontor. This event aims to improve the students’ potential and capacity which has ideal spirit to be a pioneer in all academic and non academic events.”

He continued, “The art appreciation night is a part of the dynamics of students life as a contribution in tri darma of the university namely teaching, research and public service. With the motto “Gontor Educates People’s Lives, United to Build the Nation”, UNIDA Gontor has an important role in arousing Islamic treasure and intelectuality of the students so that they are able to contribute to the nation.”

There were many performances in Al-Hamra including, Hadroh, Poetry, Nasyid, Sand Painting, Diamond (Dimensi B), Monologue Drama, Aceh Dance, Campur sari, Poco-poco & Malulo Dance , Dimensi Jr (Dimensi A), Magic, Tae Kwon do, Pencak Silat Nusantara (martial art) , UNIDA Unity Band, War Dance, India Dance, Flag Dance, and All Star Band. Wafi

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