Academic Staff: Ushuluddin

1Maria Ulfa, S.Th.I., M.Fil.I.Aqidah and Islamic Philosophy
2Moh. Isom Mudin, S.Th.I., M.Ud.Aqidah and Islamic Philosophy
3Nofriyanto, S.Pd.I., M.Ag.Aqidah and Islamic Philosophy
4Imroatul Istiqomah, M.PI.Aqidah and Islamic Philosophy
5M. Shohibul Mujtaba, M.Ag.Aqidah and Islamic Philosophy
6M. Faqih Nidzom, M.Ag.Aqidah and Islamic Philosophy
7Ahmad Farid Saifuddin, M.Ag.Aqidah and Islamic Philosophy
8Nabila Huringiin, S.Fil.I., M.Ag.Aqidah and Islamic Philosophy
9Lailah Alfi, M.Ag.Aqidah and Islamic Philosophy
10Firda Inayah, S.Fil.I., M.Ag.Aqidah and Islamic Philosophy
11Dian Budi Adriani, S.Fil.I., M.Ag.Aqidah and Islamic Philosophy
12Achmad Reza Hutama Al Faruqi, S.Fil.I., M.Ag.Aqidah and Islamic Philosophy
13Drs. Rif’at Husnul Ma’afi, M.A.Aqidah and Islamic Philosophy
14Khasib Amrullah, S.Ag., M.Ud.Aqidah and Islamic Philosophy
15Fuad Muhammad Zein. M.UdAqidah and Islamic Philosophy
16Rochmad, M.A.Quranic Studies and Tafsir
17Ilham Habibullah, M.UdQuranic Studies and Tafsir
18Ahmad Fadly Rahman Akbar, M.UsQuranic Studies and Tafsir
19Rezki Kaulan Maisurah, S.H.I., M.Pd.Quranic Studies and Tafsir
20Niken Sylvia Puspitasari, S.Pd., M.Si.Quranic Studies and Tafsir
21Deki Ridho Adi Anggara, S.Ud., M.Ag.Quranic Studies and Tafsir
22Mahmud Rifaannudin, S.Ud., M.AgQuranic Studies and Tafsir
23Hj. Afifah Bidayah Syukri, Lc., M.UdQuranic Studies and Tafsir
24Asif Trisnani, Lc., M.AgQuranic Studies and Tafsir
25Alyaunnisa, Lc., M.Pd.Quranic Studies and Tafsir
26Mujib Abdurrahman, Lc. M.Ag.Quranic Studies and Tafsir
27Muhammad Badrun Shahir, M.A.Quranic Studies and Tafsir
28Ali Mahfuz Munawar, Lc., M.HumQuranic Studies and Tafsir
29Akhmad Ma’mun Afani, S.H.I., M.UdQuranic Studies and Tafsir
30Ahda Sabiela, M.A.Quranic Studies and Tafsir
31Dr. Ihwan Agustono, S.Fil.I., M.Fil.IQuranic Studies and Tafsir
32Harda Armayanto. M.A.Comparative Study of Religions
33Muttaqin, S.H.I., M.Ag.Comparative Study of Religions
34Asep Awaludin, S.H.I., M.Ag.Comparative Study of Religions
35Farhah, M.Ag.Comparative Study of Religions
36Abdullah Muslich Rizal Maulana, S.Fil.I., M.A.Comparative Study of Religions
37Indra Ari Fajari, M.Ag.Comparative Study of Religions
38Yuangga Kurnia Yahya, S.Th.I., M.AComparative Study of Religions
39Tonni Ilham Prayogo, M.Ag.Comparative Study of Religions
40M. Nurrosyid Huda Setiawan, S.Th.I., M.A.Comparative Study of Religions
41Noor Hasyim, M.Ud.Comparative Study of Religions
42Hifni Nasif, S.Th.I., M.AgComparative Study of Religions
43Tistigar Sansayto, M.Ag.Comparative Study of Religions
44Sunanto, M.Ud.Comparative Study of Religions
45H. M. Adib Fuadi Nuriz, M.A, M.Phil.Comparative Study of Religions
46Kholid Karomi, M.Fil.I.Comparative Study of Religions
47Syamsul Hadi Untung, M.A, M.Ls.Comparative Study of Religions
48Muhammad Hudaya, Lc, M.Ag.Comparative Study of Religions
49Ahmad Suharto, M.Pd.I.Comparative Study of Religions
50Silvi Tsuroya Sahar, B.H.ScComparative Study of Religions
51Drs. Hariyanto Abdul JalalComparative Study of Religions
52Abdullah Rofi’I, S.Ag.Comparative Study of Religions
53Drs. Abdul Haris.Comparative Study of Religions
54Drs. MakinurosyadComparative Study of Religions
55Munif At-Tamimi, M.AComparative Study of Religions
56Tazkiya Basa’ad, S.Fil., M.PdComparative Study of Religions
57Eko Asmanto, M.AComparative Study of Religions
58Abbas Shofwan MF, LLMComparative Study of Religions
59Nurul Abidin, M.A.Comparative Study of Religions
60Drs. Iskandar Tsani, M.Ag.Comparative Study of Religions
61Drs. Ahmad Shobiri Muslim, M.A.Comparative Study of Religions
62Drs. Hamam Tantowi, M.Pd.Comparative Study of Religions
63Dr. Taufiqurrahman, M.Ag.Comparative Study of Religions

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