77 TPQ Teachers Candidates Participate in Tahsin al-Qiro’ah Training at UNIDA Gontor

77 TPQ Teachers Candidates Participate in Tahsin al-Qiro’ah Training at UNIDA Gontor

UNIDA Gontor – One of the Tri Dharma or three pillars in higher education is community service. In order to achieve that, UNIDA Gontor delegates its students every year to some TPQ (Taman Pendidikan Al-Quran), a place to learn Al-Qur’an, to guide, and teach children near campus to read al -Qur’an and Dirosah Islamiyah.

This year, Community Development Bureau, a bureau dealing with community service, in cooperation with Markaz Qur’an held Tahsin Al-Qira’ah training for candidates of TPQ Teachers. It aims at preparing quality TPQ teachers in terms of reading al-Qur’an and Ubudiyah. They are expected to be ready in plunging into some villages near campus. They must serve for one year to deliver the message of da’wah in 13 chosen TPQ.

This training was held for 4 days using talqin & tasmi’ methods. The materials of tahsin was taken from Juz 30 al-Qur’an while in the tasmi system the Muhassin (instructor) asked each participant to read 1 safhah (depending on which surah asked to read). Then they were assessed on how many times they made mistakes (in makharij, tajwid and waqf & ibtida’). Meanwhile, this activity was held every night after Maghrib with the following details: first day is for Talqin, second and third day are for Tasmi ‘, and fourth day is for post test. There were 77 students who participated in this even with 8 muhassin (instructors) from Markaz Qur’an Team. They were Ustadz M.Shohibul Mujtaba, M.Pd, Ustadz Hasan Anshori, S.Pd.I, Ustadz Ahmad Kali Akbar, M.Pd.I, Ustadz Khoirul Akmal, S.HI Ustadz M Ali Ashari, Ustadz Hazwan Bin Maheer, Ustadz Erwin, and Ustadz Muhammad Nurcholik. (29/08)

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